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Come join us!

We are looking for creative and motivated scientists to join our lab!


  • Accepting graduate student rotations for the 2023-24 academic year
    Students who will do well in my lab are scientifically curious, possess time-management and organizational skills, and are able to communicate effectively and respectfully with myself and fellow lab mates

  • Open postdoctoral positions
    Seeking postdocs from diverse fields of neuroscience with an interest in the neurobiology of behavior and neuroimmune interactions. Postdocs should possess an interest in mentoring, public speaking and grant writing. Those who seek independence with regular guidance will do well in my lab. Email a CV and cover letter including a description of previous work as well as future interests and goals.

Lab philosophy

To do good science we need diverse ways of thinking and the Osterhout lab strives to be inclusive to all people and all ideas. We believe that black lives matter, love is love, feminism is for everyone, immigrants are welcome and diversity fuels innovation. We value and support all members of our lab and our scientific community. 

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