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Research: Publications

Key publications

A preoptic neuronal population controls fever and appetite during sickness
Osterhout JA, Kapoor V, Eichhorn SW, Vaughn E, Moore JD, Liu D, Lee D, DeNardo LA, Luo L, Zhuang X, & Dulac C. Nature. 2022.


Neuronal representation of social information in the medial amygdala of awake behaving mice. 
Li Y, Mathis A, Grewe BF, Osterhout JA, Ahanonu B, Schnitzer MJ, Murthy VN, Dulac C. Cell. 2017

Contactin-4 mediates axon-target specificity and functional development of the accessory optic system
Osterhout JA, Stafford BK, Nguyen PL, Yoshihara Y, Huberman AD, Neuron. 2015

Birthday and outgrowth timing predict cellular mechanisms of axon-target maching in the developing visual pathway

Osterhout JA, El-Danaf RN, Nguyen PL, Huberman AD, Cell Reports. 2014

Functional genomics identifies neural stem cell sub-type expression profiles and genes regulating neuroblast homeostasis

Carney TD, Miller MR, Robinson KJ, Bayraktar OA, Osterhout JA, Doe CQ. Dev Biol. 2012

Cadherin-6 mediates axon-target matching in a non-image-forming visual circuit

Osterhout JA, Josten N, Yamada J, Pan F, Wu SW, Nguyen PL, Panagiotakos G, Inoue YI, Egusa SF, Volgyi B, Inoue T, Bloomfield SA, Barres BA, Berson DM, Feldheim DA, Huberman AD. Neuron. 2011

Previous work

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